How To Build a Solar Panel For Less Than $100

Building a 100 Watt solar panel can be done in one day and will have paid for itself within two weeks – says Michael Harvey

How to Build a Solar Panel Instruction Book
+ How to calculate how many solar panels you
need to power your home.

Build Solar Panel Book

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The problem for many people who want to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their energy bills by using solar power, is the cost of installing a system in their home as it can be frighteningly expensive. Most systems seem to start at around $8000 for an average house, although this does include all the materials and fittings. Which is fine if you can afford it, but if you can’t? What are your options – DIY or build a solar panel?

One of the cheapest options is to buy the photovoltaic solar panels and fit them yourself or an even cheaper option is to “build a solar panel” yourself. I read about a couple of people who can build a 100 watt panel for about $100 and at this cost it fits into most people’s budgets. However, solar panels can seem a little complicated and where on earth do you start to go about building one?

The second problem is knowing what size and how many solar panels you need to power your home or RV and all the things that go in it like; washing machine, fridge freezer, microwave oven, heating, ceiling fans, lighting, TV, computer, music system, etc.

I am not the most technical of people and anything to do with converting sunlight into electricity and electrical circuits, normally goes straight over the top of my head.

However, I had the good luck of reading about Michael Harvey who is a self proclaimed renewable energy enthusiast. He builds his own solar panels and got so good at it that he wanted to share his knowledge with the rest of us. Therefore, he wrote a book called Earth 4 Energy. It is a step by step guide to building your own solar powered electrical system for running electrical appliances inside your home. I have to say I am often disappointed with DIY books because for some reason they never get to show you, in detail, how to do the tricky bits.

However, with this book you can see exactly how to do it. The bit that concerned me the most about building my own solar panel was assembling and wiring the solar cells together because if you get this bit wrong then everything else is a complete waste of time. Well, I was so impressed with the two videos that came with this eBook. You can see exactly how to assemble and solder the cells together, and in fact it is really simple, you don’t need any special skills and is simpler than assembling a flat packed bookshelf! Plus it explains how you can simply calculate how many solar panels you need to power all the appliances in your home, including heating and lighting. This is the main reason why I feel very happy to recommend it to my readers.

What this book gives you is:

* A step by step plan on how to build a solar panel.
* Advice on where to get solar cells to make your solar panels at greatly reduced prices.
* A complete list of products you need to build a solar panel – cells, board, flexi-glass sheet, etc.
* A complete list of tools you need to build a solar panel – volt meter, soldering iron, copper wiring, etc.
* Two videos showing you exactly how to wire the solar cells together to make the solar panel – which are excellent!
* Advice on how to charge a battery and live “off grid” or connect to your home’s electrical wiring system via the AC breaker panel.
* Tips on how to maintain your solar panels.
* Excellent support with a 12 hour response time for emails.

It also gives you a full glossary explaining all the different technical terms like what an amp is, how an agitated electron produces electricity. It also explains about the difference between using solar energy to heat water and using it to produce electricity and when you to apply each one to meet your household needs.

If you want to save money and learn how to build your own electric solar panels to generate electricity for your home then this book is a must read. It has to be one of the cheapest ways to generate electricity.

How to Build a Solar Panel Book

Build Solar Panel Book

Only $49.97
Click here to learn how to build a solar panel Now!

Michael Harvey is a renewable energy enthusiast, he has a great passion for environmental issues and loves to help people generate their own electricity and that is why he wrote this book, he leads you inch by inch and leaves nothing out so you can build a solar panel with ease.


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