DIY Solar Panel – How to Make Solar Panels Even Cheaper

If you have been looking for the best diy solar panel instruction kit online, then you know that there are some excellent products available and that making your solar panels will definately save you money, but did you know that you can save even more if you know a little about how solar cells work.

If you are looking to save a little bit more money, you can purchase solar cells from auction sites and build a fully functional solar panel with these ‘broken’ chips. Solar cells work irrelevant of their shape and if you know how to string them together, then it make no difference what size or shape they are.

If you are looking for start a little home industry making diy solar panels for others, then you may want to look at buying in bulk, but will probably want to purchase block shaped cells as they look far more attractive in the final product.

There is a growing market for second hand solar panels or cheap solar panels and if you have a good understanding of how to put them together, you can easily turn this interest into a lucrative business. Diy solar panels sell easily for $400 – $500. The cost of making them is as little as $200, so making just a few a month will result in an excellent income.

Stove Smith has lived on remote islands such as Little Corn Island in Nicaragua and Principe island off West Africa. He has been building solar panels from a simple online instruction manual which he purchased a few months ago. He now has a very lucrative little home industry that he works on during the weekend. For more information on how he has done it take a look at

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