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How to Make a Solar Collecter Battery

Solar collecters are fairly simple devices, and if you would like to make your own solar collecter battery then we have given you a few pointers in this article.

You can do it yourself; as long as you have the patience to learn, that is.  Harvesting the sun’s solar power is one of the easiest things you can do to create energy.  With a few simple tools, you can build your own solar energy collector system.  This article will focus on how to make a solar collecter battery; however, this won’t work as a practical solution for powering your home appliances or hot water heaters, maybe you can use it to recharge a battery. Click on this link if you want more info on how to build a solar panel to power your home.

There are many forms of solar collecters, but for convenience’s sake, let’s just focus on a popular concept; the solar cell (or photovoltaic cell).  It is the most widely used solar collecter these days, but somehow, these little things tend to be very expensive.  The concept is simple enough, but then, the cost isn’t.  Therefore, making your own homemade solar cell (or in this case, solar collecter battery), is a viable option.

The Things you’ll Need

To start, you are going to need some copper flashing (or copper sheeting), tin snips, an empty 2 litre plastic bottle, steel wool, some table salt (which you put in a glass of tap water), a micro ammeter (whether a digital one or an old school one, it doesn’t matter), alligator clips and an electric stove (or a propane torch, whichever suits your fancy).

The Procedure

Now, it is time to assemble your very own solar collecter.  First, you are going to need to measure the copper sheets (or copper flashing).  Then you need to cut them with the tin snips.  Make the sheets small enough to perfectly fit on top of the heating coils on your electric stove.  Heat the copper until it looks bright red hot.  Let the copper cook for around maybe 30 minutes or so and see what happens.  You’ll see that you have made 2 kinds of oxides; the black cupric oxide and the other cupric oxide underneath the black one.  You don’t need the black cupric oxide, and when you see this forming all over, you’ll need to turn off the stove so you can let the copper cool down.  After that, you will need to use the steel wool so you can clean off the cupric oxide that you don’t need.

Next, cut out another piece of copper about the same size as your first one.  Place this one into the plastic bottle or tank.  Then, place the heated piece of copper in there too.  Link your alligator clips to your micro ammeter and then connect the negative part of the alligator to the cooked copper, while the positive one goes to the clean copper.  Pour some salt water into the bottle and then you’re done.  Place your makeshift solar collecter under the sun and watch your micro ammeter rise about fifty micro-amps.  Then, Presto!  You have now learned how to make a solar collecter device (or solar cell batteries) on your own.

These are just the basics, and while some solar collectors or photovoltaic cells are much more complicated, at least you now have a basic understanding of how to make a solar collecter system of your own.


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