How to reduce electric bill

1. Switch off your computer monitor when you don’t use it. It is good for your health and also can reduce amount of power you use.

2. Turn off the light or other electric appliance such as computer monitor, and television.

In addition, many people have installed the solar panel on their roofs after they find that they have to pay more money on electric bills. I agree that the solar panel brings us many benefits. For example, it can generate energy without polluting our environment and it can provide free source of electricity. However prices of an effective solar panel can be over $1,000, solar energy is able to generate electricity during daylight hours only. It means you can only generate power during the day and you generate little power during winter. The weather can also affect the efficiency of solar energy.

In order to reduce electric bills, you may feel that you are restricted. Another solution is that you can spend less money for an efficient solar system or wind power generator. The solution here is that you can build your own solar or/and wind power generator, and then you do not have to ask for solar panel Company to install solar panel for you because you can make your own power and it costs for less than $200. Since any material is available, then you can start make solar or wind power generator. They can generate free electricity for you to use and save hundreds of dollars on electric bills. You spend less money and it is fun to make things by yourself.

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