Solar Panel Cost – How to Avoid Overpaying

Why is the Cost so High?
So why is the solar panel cost so high? Supply and demand is always a factor in price, with the demand for solar panels increasing so is the price for the parts to construct them. Solar power has just recently started to gain a lot of attention, even though the technology has been around for some time. Because of this there are not a lot of major players in the solar panel business. With out this added competition, these companies are able to charge a premium for there products and services.

The good news is you do not have to pay for the extreme solar panel cost these companies are charging. There is a better way. What if I told you that you could build your very own solar panels at home for a fraction of the price it would cost you to have it done by one of those big companies. Ill talk more about that in a second, first let me explain what i mean by the extreme solar panel cost I was talking about earlier.
You see these companies know that making and setting up your own solar power system sounds sounds really hard, but in actuallity can be done quiete easily. These business realize the most customers are acustom to high electric bills every month so the thought of a large upfront cost to set these systems up is not a huge shock to their customers. So what kind of price tag are these businesses putting on your solar panels and systems. Well at the very least you are looking to spend a few thousand dollars and this is for the bare bones models. If you have a large home or want the system to completely cover your electric needs, you are looking at spending anywhere from thirty to fourty thousand. This is what I was referring to before when I mention the prohibitive solar panel cost.<p>

The Answer
What if you didn’t have to pay the high solar panel cost that these companies are charging, what if you could setup these solar panels by yourself. If the cost was under $200, wouldn’t that make it a whole new ballgame? Sounds to good to be true doesn’t it? The reason it can be done so cheap is because everything you require to make these solar panels can be found at your local stores and putting them together is a lot simpler than it sounds. But like with all great deals you must act fast before the producers of the parts realize it and start raising there prices.

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