Solar Panels Use New Technology – Holographic Tuning

With the new stress on clean energy, new technologies are rising out of the laboratories.

Conventional solar panel systems are not particularly efficient and can be more than a little bit of a monstrosity. Since the solar panel systems only convert a small percentage of the daylight that hits them into electricity, there actually isn’t any alternative to putting the massive panels on your roof.

Holographic tuning, often referred to as Holographic Planar Concentrator, is a new technology with one goal in mind – less expensive and little solar panel collectors. The technology is predicated on a novel speculation in which solar cells are holographically tuned to draw in and focus different spectrums of daylight on solar cells. The cells are tuned to draw in certain spectrums that may be converted without unnecessary heat production. This permits the cells to make the maximum quantity of energy while maintaining a miniscule size. Current silicon cell technology is prohibited to just a couple of spectrums and is highly wasteful as it fails to convert up to 85 % of the daylight into power. To make things even better, the method is being engineered to “tune” the solar light onto both sides of each cell, so doubling the energy output. The first merit of holographic tuning is it will change forever the solar panel as we all know it.

The prototypes are really extraordinarily striking and are a major improvement over current solar cell systems. Prism Solar Technologies is the leading company in the holographic tuning field. The company is a division of Direct World Power, and is pushing the advancement of the technology thru a sole rights license from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Prism Solar Technologies will begin producing of the new holographic tuning solar cells this year.

Keep an eye open for these interesting, efficient solar energy panels.


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