Solar RV Fans

Solar RV fans are an essential piece of kit if you are going travelling for more than a few days or do a lot of cooking and washing inside your RV. The problem with cooking and washing is that it creates lots of nasty smells, steam and in turn is heating up your RV.

The steam can have a degrading effect on the interior paint work and fittings; it will age your vehicle prematurely and will leave unpleasant odors. Let alone the stale air you keep breathing in which is being re-circulated around your motor or the need for extracting the heat and cooling the air temperature.

When looking to install a ventilation fan into your RV, you need to consider these two points:

• What size fan do you need?

• How are you going to fit it?

Solar extractor products are measured in the amount of air it can extract per hour, so you are looking at cubic feet of air per hour. To calculate cubic feet, you multiply the height x width x length of the inside of your motor home together.

Then you need to work out how long it will take to replace the air. For example, if you had a product that can extract 500cb ft per hour. You would need to divide the cubic feet of your RV by 500 and then multiply by 60 to give you a figure in minutes.

You can get different size ventilators which have corresponding different size solar panels. For example a 12,000cb ft per hour vent would use a 100 watt panel.

Bear in mind that you can get extractor parts made from different materials, so if you live in a harsh climate or near the sea you might want to consider a stainless steel one.

The second point we now need to consider is how your are going to fit it. The most obvious place to site the electric fan is in the ceiling. However this is not as simple as it may seem. The disadvantages of solar fans is that to fit it in the roof you have to cut a hole in your roof which is about 120mm in diameter. Unless you are pretty handy at doing DIY then I would suggest you get a professional to do the work for you.

If you are going to do it yourself, I suggest you do it by marking out the diameter of the whole you need; then use a 10mm drill and drill a series of holes inside the diameter of the circle you have scribed. Drill these wholes close together and then use a hacksaw to finish off the job.

Alternatively what you can do is fit the fan to a piece of hardboard and position it in the window of your door. As you wind the window up, you trap the hardboard in the window frame.

Finally, you are left with attaching the RV solar panels, read the instructions carefully and make sure the system is in the best position for absorbing as much energy from the sunlight as possible. There is not much in the way of electrical systems to worry about, all you have to do is connect the solar powered panel to the unit, and that is all there is to using solar RV fans.


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